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3 Top Tips: How To Sell Your House For Top Dollar

Cside Topped 3 Selling Price Records In The Past 6 Weeks!!!

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Cside has broken records for the highest selling prices in three different communities over the past 6 weeks. This is no coincidence. The real estate market is slowing down in most Florida markets. The vast majority of real estate agents and home owners think all they need to do is list a house on the MLS to sell.  Many of them watch their homes sit on the market costing them thousands of dollars.  While in other cases people end up with their plans delayed because they can’t find a buyer.  If you want to sell your house fast and for top dollar, you need to properly prepare.

Cside sets up an individualized plan for each property before it is listed.  There are some tactics and strategies that should be implemented universally. We want to share some of our top tips on selling your condo, townhouse, or single family home. These are some of our same tactics we implement to ensure our clients receive top dollar for their properties in Florida.  These you can do yourself…

1) Tell Everyone You Are Putting Your House Up For Sale:  Tell your neighbors, friends on social media, post on the community or HOA Facebook pages.  Do you ever spend time on local internet message boards? What a great free way to let like minded people know you’re selling you home.  You may find your buyer without ever listing your house. Cside uses this same strategy on a larger scale.  We have tens of thousands of followers of social media with distinct pages for each type of property based on location and audience.  We are members of dozens of message boards and network with real estate agents all over the world.  We constantly promote the property to help spread the word and find you potential buyers.

2) Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer:  Quality photos with a wide angle lens make a big difference when it comes to selling your home.  The house should also be staged with nice/updated furniture for the photo shoot. It is especially important for the house to be clean and uncluttered.  Do not make the mistake of listing your house with iPhone pictures.  You will not get top dollar for your home. It’s not worth saving $100-$200 when you’re likely to miss out on several thousand with bad photos.  Cside will not list a house without pictures taken from one of our select photographers.  Not all photographers are the same.  It pays to do some research on reviews and even ask for a referral.

3) Use Lots of Lipstick: Lipstick is a common term used among real estate agents.  It represents inexpensive fixes that make a home look nicer than it might be worth.  That’s the idea right?  You want to get top dollar for your home. Do not hesitate to spend a little money on things like paint, replacing old light fixtures, new sod for the yard, and adding a few potted plants.  These days people are also big on technology.  Inexpensive gadgets like a Nest thermostat and a Ring doorbell go a long way.  You can add both of these for under $300 using older models or  with coupons from stores like Lowes or Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Most of the time you can spend $500-$2000 on Lipstick that will net you 10 to 50 times your investment.

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