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New Study: FSBO’s Lose Money

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We see this happen time and time again.  Homeowner’s think by selling their home themselves, they’ll save money by avoiding paying realtor commissions.  The facts is that the vast majority of realtors sell homes for a higher price than FSBO’s.  The amount of time homes are on the market is also significantly less when a home is listed with a Realtor.

This is no longer a strong seller’s market in the South Florida.  It takes more than just listing a home on the MLS and/or Zillow.  Your home should be marketed in a variety of fashions.  This includes websites, blogs, local publications, realtor groups, and more.  If you truly want top dollar for your home it should be professionally staged.  The listing should include high quality photos taken by a housing photographer.  Your listing should be written by someone with knowledge of what potential buyer’s for your home will be looking for.  These are just a few examples of why hiring the right realtor will save you time and make you money.   You can read the full study here

If you are still thinking of selling your home alone.  I strongly recommend to price your home below market value, offer buyer’s agent commissions, and make your home significantly more appealing to buyers than comparable properties in the immediate area.

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1 Comment

  1. Gabe Sanders says:

    It is curious that most FSBO’s start out listing considerably higher than a Realtor would list it for and end up getting double-digit percentages below what a Realtor would sell it for.

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